Vancouver Canucks Greatest Players

Greg "Gus" Adams - Gus Adams famous goal against Toronto clinched the Canucks a berth in the 1994 Stanley Cup finals.

Shawn Antoski - A linebacker on skates, Shawn Antoski was an intimidating enforcer in the mid 1990s.

Dave Babych - With his trademark moustache and jersey #44, Dave Babych reinvented himself in Vancouver after a career threatening injury.

Per Olov Brasar - He did not last in the NHL too long, but Peo Brasar was one of the top hockey players in Sweden of his time.

"King" Richard Brodeur - Few players have endeared themselves to the Canucks faithful the way "King Richard" Brodeur did and continues to do.

Jiri Bubla - The father of Jiri Slegr, this legend from the 1970s Czechoslovakian powerhouse national teams joined the Canucks in 1981.

Pavel Bure - The Russian Rocket was the NHL's most exciting player in the 1990s. He was one of the few players in hockey history to get you out of your seat on a nightly basis.

Geoff Courtnall - With great speed, a nose for the net and clutch scoring touch, the wiry Geoff Courtnall was a popular player in 5 NHL cities.

Russ Courtnall - With his Hollywood looks and Hollywood wife, it should come as no surprise that Russ Courtnall was a little more fluid and polished than his brother Geoff.

Ron Delorme - Pound for pound, Ron Delorme was one of the toughest guys in the NHL..

Martin Gelinas - Martin Gelinas earned a lot of respect for his hard working, honest game. He showed up every night, gave it his all and was a great teammate..

Dennis Kearns - A classic late boomer, Dennis Kearns was a great puck moving defenseman in the 1970s.

Orland Kurtenbach - The original Canuck, Kurtenbach lack of finesse was overcome by his desire, heart and leadership, in true Johnny Canuck fashion.

Igor Larionov - "The Professor," the "Chessmaster of the ice," the "Russian Wayne Gretzky." However you describe Igor Larionov, he is most undoubtedly a hockey legend.

Don Lever - With a nose for the net, Don Lever was one of the most popular Canucks of the 1970s..

Doug Lidster - A greatly underrated defender with some weak Canucks teams in the 1980s, Doug Lidster actually played for the New York Rangers in the 1994 Stanley Cup finals.

Trevor Linden - Captain Canuck, Trevor Linden will always be remembered for his determined play on the ice, and his generosity off of it.

Cesare Maniago - Post-1967 expansion fans in Minnesota and Vancouver loved to Hail Cesare!

Jack McIlhargey - Few players were tougher than Wolfman Jack.

Kirk McLean - For a period of about 3 years in the early 1990s, Kirk McLean was one of the top 3 goaltenders in the entire National Hockey League.

Larry Melnyk - Larry Melnyk was the definition of unheralded journeyman defenseman.

Garry Monahan - A forgettable utility forward and a popular broadcaster with the Canucks, the Montreal Canadiens once made Garry Monahan the first overall draft choice in 1963.

Dana Murzyn - Often teamed with Jyrkki Lumme, Dana Murzyn was an honest, hard working defender.

Petr Nedved - His Wayne Gretzky mimicking was both fascinating and frustrating.

Chris Oddleifson - Chris Oddleifson came to the Canucks after playing in the shadows of the Boston Bruins. He never left the city..

Gerry O'Flaherty - Gerry "Flapper" O'Flaherty is the son of John "Peanuts" O'Flaherty.

Gino Odjick - The Algonquin Assassin was as tough as they come, but he was also known of his unique friendship with Vancouver fans and with Pavel Bure.

Barry Pederson - Barry Pederson will forever be remembered as the player Vancouver traded Cam Neely for.

Pat Quinn - A mean-spirited defenseman, Pat Quinn became a very successful coach and manager.

Dave Richter - Dave Richter was a tough hombre on defense. In 1988 he got suspended for leaving the penalty box to get at the Islanders' Billy Smith.

Paul Reinhart - A bad back prevented this Calgary and Vancouver legend from emerging as one of the true greats of the 1980s.

Cliff Ronning - Once a power play specialist, the shifty and creative Cliff Ronning became a post-season specialist with his home town Vancouver Canucks.

Jim Sandlak - A junior hockey sensation with London and Team Canada, "The House" had great size and a heavy shot. He was a very popular player with both Vancouver teammates and Vancouver fans.

Petri Skriko - Streaky Petri Skriko, the first Finnish player in the history of the Vancouver Canucks, put together four consecutive 30-plus goal seasons with the Canucks.

Stan Smyl - The 1980s were lean years for Vancouver Canuck fans. But they always appreciated the heart and soul effort of Captain Canuck Stan Smyl

Harold Snepsts - The mustachioed and helmetless Harold Snepsts will forever be remembered as the robust though anything but graceful blue liner with the Vancouver Canucks.

Daryl Stanley - Did you know when Stan Smyl got injured for 20 games in 1987-88 it was Daryl Stanley who wore the captain's C?

Rich Sutter - Considered by many to be the least skilled of the six Sutter brothers to play in the NHL, Richie relied on the typical Sutter grit for his near 900 game NHL career.

Steve Tambellini - Trail BC's Steve Tambellini has done it all in hockey - Stanley Cups, Olympics, player and manager.

Tony Tanti - The Canucks first pure sniper, Tanti had five consecutive seasons of at least 39 goals. The power play expert had a lethal wrist shot.

Ryan Walter - One of the hockey's nicest guys is also one of hockey's most interesting people. This born leader has had an interesting life both on and off the ice.

Tiger Williams - NHL bad boy Tiger Williams is the all time penalty minute leader. But what is often forgotten is the fact that he was a pretty good hockey player too.

Dunc Wilson - "The Rebel" Dunc Wilson definitely helped the old adage that goalies of the 1970s were flakes.


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