Harold Druken

This is Harold Druken, proud native of St. John's, Newfoundland. He played 146 games in the NHL, mostly with Vancouver but also with Carolina and Toronto.

Druken never really stuck in the NHL. He had major league hands in that he was a gifted stickhandler and a quick release. At any given time he could excite the crowd with a couple of shift one-on-one moves but then he would keep the puck and run out of room. Instead of moving the puck to an open teammate he would just hang on to the puck before being rubbed out, rendering him ineffective. He was streaky but far too often too quiet.

He had considerable potential but never matured into a role where he could capitalize on it. His defensive game was labelled as soft and weak, and he never outgrew that label.

Druken is probably best remembered for his spectacular overtime goal late in the 2001 season to secure Vancouver a playoff spot. It was one of 27 goals in Druken's career.

Druken extended his career by playing in Switzerland for a couple of seasons before returning home to Newfoundland.


Price per Head 11:22 AM  

It really is a shame because Druken is a good player but he should concentrate and think better things through before acting.

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